Everything You Need to Know About the Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Canada Provincial Nominee Program

If you are searching for ways to get a Canadian permanent residency card, the Canada Provincial Nominee Program is a good option to consider. This program allows the employment based, immigration in particular other situations, and investment based immigration. The government of Canada has negotiated different territorial and provincial skilled immigration agreements relating to particular requirements of employers as well as capital investment needs for every geographic area. Thus, majority of Canadian provinces also have business immigration programs, which are made to encourage the skilled workers to settle in such provinces.

Today, Canada Provincial Nominee Program exists in different provinces and territories including Manitoba, Alberta, Yukon, Labrador and Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Nova Scotia. Under this program, the said provinces are looking for ways to search for skilled workers under the immigration agreements with the government of Canada.

Canada is known as one of the famous immigration destinations across the globe and has one of the biggest foreign born populations of the OECD countries. Almost all Canadian immigrants come to the country as the skilled workers as permanent residents under the points based skilled migration scheme, temporary foreign workers or territorial and provincial nominees.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program allows territories and provinces to nominate the business immigrants who will work and live in Canada and obtain Canadian permanent residence card. The applications for Canada Provincial Nominee Program are given preference over some skilled visa applicants through CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


How To Immigrate with the Provincial Nomination Program

Generally, there are actually 2 ways you can immigrate to the country of Canada as a provincial nominee, as a businessman or a skilled worker with job offers. Several territories and provinces have additional variations on such basic categories.  Sadly, there are capped at a certain number of applicants once the province open them and they are filled very fast.

Numerous provinces also have special categories for the students who want to get permanent residence and get a job after they graduated. You can also be qualified for this program if you have a family living in Canada. In many cases, employers who want to hire you under Canada Provincial Nominee Program may state their case about hiring foreign talent to the government. If approved, they may then let you apply for the permanent residence under Canada Provincial Nominee Program.

If you are a business owner, employer, skilled worker or an investor who wants to know more about Canada Provincial Nominee Program, contact us today and find out if you qualify

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  1. sunil
    sunil says:

    I am a Computer Engineer and i have 3 years of working experience in web development .And i have no IELTS but i have studied my school and college in english medium. Could i get a PR for canada?

    • Patrick
      Patrick says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,
      without any IELTS result, you can’t even apply into any immigration programs in Canada. Even applicants from English speaking countries need to provide IELTS result. Hope this answer your questions. If you have any questions, you can email us at info@101migration.com

  2. AJAY
    AJAY says:

    Can u pls guide us about any Upcoming pnp programme in which University professor and lecturar (NOC 4011) ,skilled worker and without job offer are still in in demand. and when they are going to open..

    • Patrick
      Patrick says:

      No one will know when it will open. The province will decide when to open when they feel there is a need for more people to migrate into their province. Our company do monitor that and apply for our clients so that when it does open, we will be first to put in the application. Let us know if you want our company to do that part of the service for you. You can always email us at info@101migration.com. Thanks for your questions and keep them coming.


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