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A podcast I did with Ryan Higgins from about PR application via Express Entry to Canada and what to look out for. Anyone who wants to email Ryan, his email address is [email protected]

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What services do immigration consultants provide?

Many individuals wish to move to a different country for studies or for work. Making a decision of leaving your country to live in another is a big one, and there are a lot of considerations and documentations to be done. The immigration process is a challenging one, and not everybody’s cup of tea.

A migration consultant is a person who helps people to migrate from one country to another, taking care of all the legal and documentation process. They are legal experts and have specialised knowledge about the procedure of immigration. It is very pivotal to understand the services and roles of immigration consultants:

Expert guidance:

A migration consultant has more data on the visa procedure than a traveller. Before applying for a visa, one needs to be informed about the entire process about the legalities involved in it. You need to put a lot of efforts and money, and all your itinerary is at stake while applying for a visa. Hence, it is advisable to take expert guidance from a professional who know all the tiny details involved in the process of getting a visa. They are updated with the changes in legislation and would help you in all means.

Ease and convenience:

The most important role of immigration consultants is that they deal with all the tedious manual work and spares the applicant from the tiresome paper work. Right from filling the visa application forms, booking appointments dates, preparing letters, paying fees, collecting passports, and many others, they take care of it all. You simply need to organise all documents at one place, and you are good to go.

Time saving:

Not many people have plenty of time in exploring the work of visa process and then experimenting with it. Days has to be spent properly researching about the tiniest details, so that nothing is missed out. Moreover, with differing data provided online, it is easy to be misled. Hence, there is no doubt that you will save on a lot more by hiring a migration consultant.

101Migration, a trusted immigration consultant Vancouver is in this service for innumerable years. A reliable platform for helping individuals in migration and visa services, making the entire process easy and convenient.

Immigration Services

Canada skilled migration & visa types

A Safe Place to Live in & Study with your family.

Canada is considered as a popular destination amongst students planning for study abroad programs. It is majorly selected as a study abroad overseas destination because it is relatively safe and peaceful place to live in. They have a very good education system as they lay importance on learning a significant proportion of their GDP is spent on educations.

Canada offers a wide range of over 90 Universities or 150 Colleges offering all the type of programs study abroad  aspirants look for International students are allowed to work while their studying so that they can apply to practice all the concepts they learn as per their curriculum. Overseas students can opt for intakes like September, May and can even apply for midyear intakes like Jan which though is limited to lesser number of programs is offered by less Colleges & Universities offers majorly Sep intake.

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Canada Business Migration

Canada is always thought of as a country with cold whether and snow but it has diverse landscapes and enjoys different sandburs. Canadian have 4 different seasons like;

Spring- April and May the beginning of Canadian Music festival season,

Summer-June 21 to July 1 marks 10 days of celebrations in Canada,

Autumn-The autumn is traditionally a time for literary festivals and film festivals, and

Winter- Winter festival take place in late January and February including Carnaval de Quebec in Quebec City particularly in the regions along the US borders temperature are more normal in spring and fall.

Southern Ontario and the Southern Interior of British Columbia being the hot spot of the Canada. Quebec is often hot and humid. Temperature is very low the Canadian prefer staying indoors as their infrastructures cars and public transportation includes heating facilities. Area such as coastel British Columbia get some of the highest rain fall in Canada.

If you are a business person or manager looking to immigrate to Canada, the Business/Investor Immigration Program may be an important Canadian immigration option for you. Read More.

Australia Immigration & Visa types

Any individual–who is not a citizen of Australia, but wants to live, work and study in the country–can do so by applying for the Permanent Residency Visa. Even if the permit has crossed its expiry date, the PR holder can still easily stay in the nation, without any hassles whatsoever. Usually living with an expired visa is considered the breaching of national immigration laws, but in a PR Permit, this is not the case. Several other benefits are also made available to the proud PR holders.

Applying for Australia Permanent Residence Skilled Migration is one of the best permit options for those who have plans to live in the country, for an extended period. Some reasons, like; for example, improved quality of life, better career prospects offered in the nation lead to high number of professionals migrating there.

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Australia Business Migration

Keeping the migrating numbers in mind, the concerned immigration and visa authorities have listed-out several categories of visa to make the migrants’ stay both convenient and secure. Permanent Residency (PR) is surely one of the most well implemented and designed concept for migrants.

In fact, with an Australian PR Permit, one can travel to New Zealand, live, work and study there as well, without an NZ Visa. In fact, those with living under the PR program can also apply for several government jobs even while they are also eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship, of course, after the fulfillment of certain criterion. There are many medical, social and other benefits available for the PR holders too.

Significantly, with a view to file a petition for one of the skilled migration permits for Down Under, the intending aspirants are advised to first obtain an official invite from the concerned immigration body, i.e., the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, previously the DIAC, inviting them to submit a submission.  To get an invite, the intending candidates should show their aptitude to fulfill the conditions for a permanent GSM Permit, through an Expression of Interest (EoI), even as the same is filed online with the concerned immigration body.

Maybe you rather go to Australia as a Business migrant. Australia is also a good place to do business. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are voted the “most livable place in the World”. Read More.

Family Sponsor Visa

Making the decision to leave one country to work or live in a new one is a big one.  There are a lot of considerations for individuals to make on a personal level because chances are they will be bringing family with them, moving to be closer to family or even leaving family behind in search of bigger and better things that will make their lives more comfortable and fulfilling.  Of course, that is not where the considerations stop.

The immigration process can be very overwhelming.  In fact, a lot of people give up before they really get started because they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle that is immigration. It can be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done by everyday people who are just searching for new opportunities.  If you want to make changes and you want to immigrate, you may need to get some help from an immigration consultant.

Family sponsor means either to sponsor Spouse/Common law partner OR Parents OR Child. Read More.

Canada & Australia Blog

Are you looking for information concerning migration from Australia to Canada?  For you to pack up and relocate from Australia and become an immigrant to Canada seems as an easy thing that you can do but is it easy really? Let’s examine the facts;

Both Australia and Canada are countries that have a common native language (English), the two countries even share similar economic structures as well as government models and have a similar ethnic makeup population.

Every country holds bank notes that have the picture of the Queen. However much there are similarities, migration is an issue that is not as simple as it may seem. It is important that you (the Australian citizen) with a plan of migrating to Canada know that to become a Canadian citizen, the matter is not only complex but there are major differences which keep the two countries unique on their own front.

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Exemplary Attentiveness and vast knowledge of immigration law. Patrick was the consummate professional when handling my immigration case to Canada. I felt confident and assured throughout the entire process. Patrick handled everything, all I had to do was sign. He gives thoughtful, tailored advice and is very responsive. I highly recommend Patrick for serving your immigration needs!

Christopher Palmer

I am very thankful for all the help received from Patrick. He treated my case as his own, and successfully resolved all the issues throughout the migration process.
His consultation is right to the point and he knows ways to get things done.
I strongly recommend Patrick to anyone who needs migration or visa issues.

John Mendez
I was searching for an immigration lawyer to help my husband with his permanent residency card. Out of the handful of companies that responded, 101Migration was the most prompt, personable and well priced. He is so responsive and easy to communicate with. I truly feel he cares about his clients and wants to do the best job possible. On top of how professional Patrick is, he is also the nicest guy!! We are still in the process but he makes the experience as stress free as possible. I can’t recommend his services enough!
Erica Long

Patrick has been very professional and helpful for my family’s immigration process. Our case is slightly complicated but Patrick had the patience to work it out for us and we have recently been told that our immigration request has been approved. During this 2 years immigration journey, Patrick is always responsive and never once ignored my email communications. Patrick also charges very reasonable price for the service he provides, he is someone who can be relied up on when comes to immigration for Australia and Canada.


Thanks a lot Patrick!! I contacted Patrick about 2 years ago willing to explore my options of immigration to either Canada or Australia after having considered my options carefully Patrick advised me to immigrate to Canada. Patrick advised me to try for a student visa given my young age and lack of higher education, but i didn’t listen, and even then he talked me through all of the other options (for which i didn’t have enough points) and advised me anyway even though we both knew a student visa was my only option. Finally 4 months ago I landed in Ottawa, finished my first semester and my wife got her work visa, Thanks for everything Patrick!

Max Ka
It has been an absolute pleasant experience I had with 101 migration especially Patrick. I was given a tremendous amount of help and very fast responses every time I needed clarification. Highly recommending his service to my friends and family.
Emilly Chieng
He is one of the nicest and awesome immigration consultant you will ever see.. Works his ass off to make sure what his clients ask for and is a good finisher.. Highly recommended consultant
Aman M

I knew Patrick via a friend of mine in Dubai,UAE,since i was looking for migrating to Canada with my family.Today i believe that i am very close to make my dream come through thanks to him and his team.I really recommend to anyone who is looking for the same.

Duarte Sambou

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