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Are you looking to relocate from Australia?

Canada might be the right choice for you.

With the current economic success, Canada is a very attractive option for those who are considering becoming expats. 

With such tremendous opportunities, the expat market here is very lucrative. 

Most of the expats that reside in Canada have found work via insurance, catering, industrial industries, and other office positions. 

If you’re one of the many expats that are considering relocating to Canada, here are 5 tips to know before you move. 


1. Prepare For Cold and Snowy Winters 

If you’re from Australia, you don’t have a clue what winter really is. 

Tasmanians and Melburnians may have had a brief taste of winter, however if you’re planning on relocating to Canada, you may wish to do your homework (there may be an exception if you’re relocating to Southern Ontario or British Columbia). 

Winter can mean -25Celcius. Snow may be piled so high against your door that you can’t open it. 

You may need thermals and snow gear every time you step out the door. 

Regardless of where you’re from, the first winter is going to be really tough and you won’t get the day off of work due to the weather. 

Remember, however, that snow can bring a lot of fun. 

In Ottawa, for example, the Rideau Canal will freeze over and you’ll have the opportunity to skate on the longest natural ice-rink found in the world. 

You can have your first “White Christmas” and you will have many opportunities for such sports such as snowboarding and skiing. 

The secret to winter is how you’re dressed. 

Master the art of layers and you’ll be able to remove layers when you’re indoors and warm. 

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In order to stay comfortable indoors, it’s important set up the home appropriately, according to appliance experts at Direct Appliance Rentals. “Extreme weather means your living situation needs to be appropriate so you can live comfortably. Living somewhere for a short period of time means that renting appliances for instance is a great affordable solution that removes the stress of selling before returning home.”

There is also a variety of transportation modes as well that you’ll learn about to get around. 

Don’t be afraid of the colder temperatures, you’ll soon find that relocation is all about new things. 

When it’s -60 Celcius outside you may miss the beaches of Australia. 

2. English isn’t the Only First Language in Canada 

Just like Australia, Canada has multicultural ethnicities. 

There are many areas like Quebec and New Brunswick where you’re just as likely to hear French as you are English. If you’re moving to one of these areas you’ll want to know a few phrases in French before you make your big move. 

Most of the French-Canadians have some English proficiency, however, they do appreciate the effort of being greeted or thanked in French. 

It’s nice to be able to learn more about a different culture while you’re staying in Canada. 

Consider some poutine or fried taters with meat gravy and cheese curd on top for a great example of different food. You’ll enjoy some French-based culture. 

Take the time to explore Ottawa, British Columbia, and even Toronto to see more. 

3. Always Tip

While Australia does tip, it’s never expected. 

In Canada, a tip is an essential portion of the wage that the service worker earns. 

They only get a minimum wage which is approximately $10 per hour Canadian. 

This amount isn’t nearly enough to cover their bills. It is expected that Customers will tip to help contribute to their livelihood. 

Even if you’re not normally a tipper, you’ll want to add a tip to nearly every bill that you pay. 

If you don’t do this, you’re going to get a nasty look and you may even be asked for the tip. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should add a minimum of 15 percent to your total bill. If the service was fantastic, 20 percent is even more generous. 

Also, when you order a drink, be sure to add a dollar to each of your tabs or more if you’re shouting for the entire round. It’s just good manners. 

4. Canada is a Liberal and Progressive Country 

With a reputation as a very forward-thinking country, Canada is also very tolerant. 

Never make a racist comment or have a racist attitude. 

Intolerance is met harshly. This is why the borders are open to refugees

According to the home experts at Tow and Line, this welcoming attitude is partly why Canada is ideal for families to relocate to. “Places such as Canada are a long way from home and can still a big adjustment to make. Bringing things from home such as bed linen or a few sentimental items will make your new home feel more familiar straight away.”

Make the move and you’ll be met by friendly helpful people that are very happy to help you when you have a problem. 

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5. Don’t Confuse Canadians with Americans 

One of the worst things you can ever do is to confuse or compare Canadians with Americans. 

Canadians have their own culture and different visas to enter the country. Some need a different Canada visa, based on different situations.

Many differences will be quite apparent when you arrive. 

From the moment you arrive, you will notice these differences. 

While the accents may be very similar, you’ll have to be mindful of this and be cautious until you’re sure of the nationality. 

Looking for help moving to Canada? Speak to the experts at 101 Migration today.

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