All You Need to Know About Australia Business Visa

Do you wish to start a business in Australia? Whether you are looking forward to start your own business or attending a work-related event in Australia, you are required to apply for the right Australia business visa. As far as doing business is concerned, Australia is known to offer a myriad of lucrative options –either to those who are citizens of the United Kingdom or those who are interested in business travel for a long-term basis. In this post, we will help you understand all about Australia’s Business Visa: things you need to know.

Types of Australia Business Visa

Australia is known to offer different types of business visas, including short-term, temporary, and permanent business visas. If you are looking for a lucrative business opportunity in Australia or starting out a new business venture in the country, you can apply for any of these business visas depending on your specific requirements. Towards understanding the type of business visa you require, it is imperative for you to analyze the type of business purpose for which you will be visiting Australia.

If you are simply looking forward to attend a business conference or a meeting, or investing some business contract, then you can apply for the ETA (Electronic Travel Authority –Subclass 601) or the eVisitor Visa (Subclass 651). However, this is applicable only when you are a citizen of the United Kingdom. Both these types of business visas get linked electronically to the passport and offer authorization towards entering and living in Australia. However, it is important to keep in mind that on both the given business visas, you will not get paid for the respective business activities.

In case you are planning to do business on paid activities, you would require a different visa altogether. The ETA and eVisitor business visas are relatively simpler to obtain, and they are highly similar to each other. The main difference between the two is the mode of visa application and the overall costs. Both ETA visa and eVisitor visa are visitor visas. This implies that using the same, you are only allowed to carry out business-related activities for which you are not getting paid. If you wish to manage a business or invest in a business activity in Australia, you will have to apply for the work-related business visa. You can come across several categories in the given category as specified by the Australian Government.

The type of business visa that you will be applying for would depend on the specific purpose of your business activities. Some of the different types of business visas that are suitable are:

  • Investor Visa (for permanent basis –Subclass 891)
  • Business Innovation & Investment Visa (for Provisional basis–Subclass 188)
  • Business Innovation &Investment Visa (for permanent basis–Subclass 888)
  • Territory or State Sponsored Business Owner Visa (for Permanent basis–Subclass 892
  • Territory or State Sponsored Investor Visa (for Permanent basis–Subclass 893)
  • Business Talent Visa (for permanent basis–Subclass 132)

The term for Staying in Australia on Business Visa

The overall validity or tenure of the business visa in Australia would depend on the specific type of visa that you are applying for along with a myriad of personal requirements.

In case you are planning to attend a business conference or a business event in Australia without actively conducting any business activity within the Australian territory, an ETA or eVisitor business visa tends to have tenure of around 12 months. The validity of the business visa allows you to stay in Australia for around 90 days per entry. With a business visa, you can enter Australia multiple times –as long as your passport, as well as business visa, is valid.

A provisional Innovation & Investment business visa offers you the opportunity of staying in the country for around four years and three months. You can also apply for the permanent business visa once you meet the eligibility criteria.

Can You Extend the Stay on Business Visa?

If you are staying in Australia on provisional Innovation & Investment business visa and wish to extend the overall stay in the country, you are required to apply for the new visa as you are not allowed to extend the business visa. You can be eligible for the permanent innovation & investment business visa once you meet the eligibility criteria.

You are not allowed to extend the validity of the eVisitor or ETA business visa. If you have got into Australia on an eVisitor or ETA business visa and wish to extend your overall stay, you might have to apply for the visa that suits your unique specifications for allowing you to stay longer in the country.

Applying for the Business Visa for Australia

The nationals of the United Kingdom are allowed to apply for the ETA or eVisitor visa through some visa organization or travel agency. For some different visa (along with the eVisitor visa), you are required to go to the official website of the Government Department of Home Affairs of Australia and apply there directly. Otherwise, you can also consider consulting the Australian embassy or consulate for professional aid.

The overall processing time for Australian business visa would usually depend on the specific type of visa that you will be applying for. eVisitor and ETA business visas are the fastest types of visas, requiring minimum processing times –usually just 1-2 working days.

Ensure the best for your business trip to Australia through the Australia business visa!