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Have you been trying to get an Australian visa?

While our borders are currently closed as a result of COVID-19, it’s important to know what to expect once tourist visa applications open again.

Giving your all only for your Australian visa application to be rejected isn’t something you want, so what can you do to tip the scales in your favour?

Recently, things have become tough. A lot has changed. It’s not business as usual anymore with the Australian government (and that was before COVID-19!)

Before granting any visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection thoroughly inspects every application. 

Every document is checked to ensure correct information for the specific visa you are applying for. Anything less than what they expect, the application fails. 

That said, let’s review some common reasons for Australian visa refusals to make sure this never happens to you! 

Wrong Visa Application 

This is a common reason, considering Australia has more than 100 types of visas to apply for. 

Patty Leglise of Wayne’s Landscaping has had to help numerous overseas friends with directions on visas. “There’s that many different types of visas out there, it can be daunting and confusing if you don’t know which one is the right visa for you. Living here in Australia makes it a bit easier for them as I can help direct them to which visas are best for their situations.”

Again, all these visas have different and specific requirements you need to meet. It’s therefore advisable to consult a migration expert before submitting any visa application. 

Unsatisfactory Activity on a Previous Visa 

Wondering how this could happen? Overstaying when on a temporary visa could be one of the reasons. 

Again, if you abuse the attached conditions for a certain visa, you are still not safe. Such misconduct could send a message to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that you are deceitful. The result? Refusal to grant you another visa in future. 

Providing Misleading Information During Application 

While applying for a visa, integrity is key. When every document you submit is subject to scrutiny, providing the right information is a must. Ensure to properly check what information is needed for a specific visa. 

Nikole Grbin, an osteopath based in Adelaide, made sure to triple-check her application. “You can never be too careful when it comes to these types of documents. It’s also easier to just include all information that you need to, so that you leave less room for questions.”

When it comes to providing the information, avoid giving false documentation. Your partner’s visa could be used as a reference point. Maybe the documents you submit do not fully support your relationship. Unconvincing evidence on partnerships could translate to a visa refusal. 

Poor Health Conditions 

Australia is very strict on an individual’s health before agreeing to grant any visa. 

Poor health may mean you could become a future problem, either financially or to those responsible for treating you. For individuals less than 75 years of age, potential treatment should not exceed $21,000 for more than 5 years. 

Contrary to this, be sure to miss the visa. Most people denied a visa due to health issues, is as a result of expected exceeding of treatment costs.

Unsatisfactory Behaviour 

Australia (and generally no country) does not tolerate criminals.

To get your visa you must meet the character requirements. A serious ‘character test’ is carried out to confirm ‘good character’. 

Nothing could hinder your potential Australian tourist visa by the Immigration Department quite like evidence of previous criminal activity coming up. 

So, what is the character test all about? 

Evidence of a significant criminal record means you fail the character test. 

Why this way? They consider the possibility of you carrying on with the same behaviour while in Australia. Association with suspected criminal gangs or organisations again could lead to visa refusal. 

Insufficient funds 

Will you meet the living standards in Australia? 

Currently, Australia is listed as the fourth most expensive country in the world. This means you have to show evidence of sufficient funds to maintain your stay in Australia. All these will depend on the type of visa plus its subclass. 

Financial experts Concept BK say that the costs involved is something that an alarming people tend to overlook. “Australia is not a cheap country to live in. Whether it’s property expenses, groceries or even just transportation, it’s easy for costs to spiral out of control if people are not careful. Moving to a new country is a time to save, not to spend. It’s critical that people only spend if it’s absolutely necessary.”

For business and maybe retirement visa you could be required to prove possession of financial assets and investments amounting to a certain value. Failing to prove financial capability, you may be risking a visa rejection. 

diversity in canada

As you set out on a new chapter in Canada, it’s crucial to know that some things may be different from what you’re accustomed to.

We interviewed experienced immigration consultants in Canada about setting the right path in this country. They gave these tips to minimise confusion and unrealistic expectations:

1. Use Government Programs for Newcomers

The Canadian Government has some programs dedicated to helping immigrants settle fast and easy in the country. A lot of paperwork is involved in these programs, but they’re all worth it. 

Permanent residents and protected individuals may get free language classes. You could also qualify for a federal loan offered to immigrants who wants to start a business in the country. At the same time, the Federal Internship Program assists newcomers in getting a work experience. Check your possible benefits here.

2. Get Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

To enjoy government benefits and become eligible to work in Canada, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN). This is similar to the national identification number in other countries, which also means that it is unique and should be kept confidential。

 3. Get to Know Your City

“Familiarise yourself with your chosen city as fast as possible. This information will help you make wise decisions in various aspects of your Canadian life. Study the city map and try to locate the important places, such as grocery stores, bus stops, hospitals, police stations, schools, and churches.”, says Alister Clare, a Credit Capital investment consultant.

Research thoroughly about the industries in your city, its attractions, and even its “less charming” parts. Try to find out which places are likely to have jobs opportunities for you.

4. Set up Your Healthcare

diversity in australia

Canada’s healthcare is the object of envy of many. It’s because the Government pays for everyone’s basic health insurance, which will be delivered by a private provider.

Immigrants can avail the universal healthcare program, although there’s a waiting period of 90 days. It is strongly advised to apply for health insurance immediately so that you already have a safety net in your new country.

Check if your current health insurance has international coverage as well.

5. Build Your Own Network

Building a network is essential, particularly for immigrants. While Canada is a peaceful and prosperous country, it’s better to have people you can rely on in case of any unforeseen event.

So, try to attend gatherings and events. Talk to your neighbours and colleagues at work. Thankfully, there are immigrant communities in various part of Canada. Inquire about this with the local council or your immigration consultant.

Moving into a new country can be an exciting experience. You’ll meet new friends, see new places, and experience new cultures. Make your move to Canada smooth and enjoyable by partnering with 101migration!

We offer immigration and consultation services to people who wish to move to Canada. Our team is deeply familiar with all the processes and laws involved in migration. Call us now to simplify the process.

Are you prepared for the future?

Life insurance policies go beyond just protecting family members from your earning ability. 

Most people buy life insurance policies to protect their family in case of an unexpected tragedy. If there’s no one to earn money then life can quickly become a challenge. Life insurance policies are one of the best ways to transfer the risk of not having a source of income for your family. 

Don’t leave your family without the support they deserve if something unexpected happens.

If you’re ready to protect your loved ones’ future, here are the benefits of life insurance that you need to know about.

1. Transfer of risk

Accidents don’t come with an invitation. However, they can cause irrevocable damage to the family and put them in the position of a financial crisis. 

That is why it is essential for the bread earner to buy this policy. 

Traditional life insurance policies include paying a lump sum amount to the family members in case the insured person dies.

Bookkeeping expert Peter Wilesmith explains that it’s best to look into life insurance while you’re fit and healthy. She explains that “no one wants to think about their own passing. But by putting in place a fail-safe while you’re young, you can ensure your loved ones are protected if anything does go wrong in the future. A quick conversation with your partner can feel uncomfortable, but protect them for life.”

2. Investment value

Unlike term life policies, whole life policies work a bit differently. 

Whole life policies combine your protection benefits along with a saving bank account instead of providing a significant amount of money after the insurer dies.

Whole life insurance policy premiums have two parts: 

  • One that compensates for accepting the insurance risk for the insurance company
  • A second where the money that builds the cash value.

The cash value of your policy builds as you keep paying regular premiums. The insurance company reinvests your money to make more cash. However, you get guaranteed cash value from the insurance company.

The takeaway? A whole life insurance includes the benefits of a traditional life insurance along with regular saving by paying a fixed premium.

3. Tax advantages

Investing in a life insurance policy means your funds get reinvested in bonds or stocks, or maybe even a combination of these two. 

But, the main advantage is you get a tax-deferred savings account. 

This allows you to grow your investments faster compared to what you usually would if you had a regular savings bank account taxed annually.

According to the team at Energy Healing Massage, there are also health benefits that can come with a life insurance policy. They explain “your health and lifestyle can impact the cost of your premiums. So by changing your lifestyle and becoming healthier you can actually minimise your premiums. That means advantages in your hip pocket and to your waistline.”

4. Serves as collateral

The cash value of an insurance policy can be used as collateral. This is a hard asset. You can borrow money against your whole life insurance policy.

This is crucial for families who want to buy a new house. The policyholder can use this asset as a down payment to draw funds for the house.

5. Structured savings approach

Life insurance policies have two benefits: 

  • You save money as you earn
  • You are making arrangements for your family to earn money in case you die.

It is a challenge to save money regularly for Australians. A life insurance policy forces you to save a certain part of your income regularly. That is why life insurance is an essential way to save for your retirement.

Life insurance is essential if you are the primary bread earner in the family. It helps to protect your family if you die.

Additionally, life policies also give you an opportunity to save regularly for extended periods in your career.

Are you looking for financial advice and support to protect your family in a new country? Chat to the 101 Migration team today!

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Oh, Australia!

The Land Down Under. A land filled with vibrant culture, breathtaking sceneries, modern structures, and exciting holiday opportunities. It’s not surprising that many people want to visit and live here. In fact, according to the recent census, Australia’s population and migration rate continuously grow.

However, there are many other things you must know before actually moving into this country.

Here’s a guide to all essentials for everyone moving to Oz.

1.It’s A Huge Country

And we’re talking about one country = one continent.

Australia has a size of more than 3 million square miles. You may compare it to the size of Europe. The distance between Ukraine and Portugal is less to that of Sydney and Perth. This proves its large size which welcomed 239,600 new residents from the years 2018-2019.

2.Buying A Property Can Be Complex for New Residents

If you are not an Australian citizen or a holder of a permanent residency visa, you are classified as a foreign investor. In that case, you can only purchase a property off-plan. This means the property is vacant upon purchase and you have to start the building a residential dwelling within 12 months.

The Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is the regulating body when it comes to selling properties in Australia to new arrivals. Once you’ve identified the property and completed the negotiation with the seller, a licensed estate agent must prepare the contract that includes all conditions. Once completely signed, the contract becomes legally binding and is submitted to the solicitor for final settlement. There may be some variations across states, which is why it is advised to hire a professional immigration consultant.

3.Prepare Your Bank and Insurance

Opening a bank account before actually moving into Australia can lessen all the things you have to deal with when you get there. Thankfully, numerous major banking institutions offer this option, such as Commonwealth Bank and ANZ.

Australia immigration

Scan copies of your passport, IDs, birth certificate, report cards, and other important documents and save the files online or in a USB so you have a backup in case anything is lost during transit.

Shane Perry, a financial expert from Max Funding suggests “If you have no claims on your past policies, bring proof with you on your move to Australia. Australian insurance providers may use this as a reference when calculating your home or car premiums.”

4.Cost of Living Is Expensive in Some Areas

Particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, where rentals are comparable to New York and London. Rental of a 3-bedroom apartment in the city centre is only moderately less expensive in Australia, with rates around £2,700/month compared to London’s £3,000/month on average.

Logically, prices decrease as they move farther from the centre.

5.Satisfying Compensation

When it comes to compensation, Australia is also known for its competitive wages. Data from a recent study showed that the average weekly earnings of:

  • A full-time adult increased by 4.8% to $1,713.90
  • A male is at $1,958.30 (public) and $1,780.70 (private)
  • A female is at  $1,751.30 (public) and $1,469.10 (private)

This is between May 2019 to May 2020.

6.Excellent Healthcare Services

diversity in canada

Just like a tasty barbecue, healthcare is also practically free in Australia. All Australian citizens and permanent residents can qualify for Medicare.

Medicare is the country’s universal health insurance scheme that provides Australians access to a broad range of healthcare services at low or zero cost. Some foreign visitors may also qualify.

Here’s How to Move to Australia Easily

Australia is a lovely place to start a business, raise a family, study, and explore. Once you’re there, it won’t take time before you feel at home. But before that, you have to deal with tedious paperwork.

Hiring a professional immigration consultant can expedite the process significantly. They will handle the legal and documentation processes, from filing the visa application forms, scheduling interviews, settling fees, preparing letters, and many other tiny details involved in the application.

Are you looking for immigration guidance?

You are in the right place!

Welcome to your new life! 

Choose the perfect place to live and work!

Be guided by our immigration consultants from 101migration!


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Are you concerned with the latest news regarding the Corona Virus and travel?

Do you always catch flu or cold when you fly or travel?  

According to research, a good number of people will contract cold or flu from merely sharing an aeroplane cabin. That means the risk of being exposed to the Corona Virus is also increased.

Taking the appropriate measures and precautions when you fly can, however, help reduce the risk of catching flu or any other easily transmitted infection. 

For many people, the recirculated air is the reason they catch a flight soon after a flight.  This isn’t, however, precisely true. 

A survey conducted on 1,100 passengers flying on planes recirculated air and others using 100% fresh air shows that at least 20% of all these passengers (in both planes) developed a cold a week after flying. In other words, recirculated air only contributes to a small percentage of the cases. It is for this reason most planes have in-cabin HEPA filters to help filter out germs and other microbes from the air. 

Scientists have also been able to uncover several factors that increase the risk of catching a bug when flying.  

Outlined below are some of these risk factors and how to avoid them. 

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Are you looking to relocate from Australia?

Canada might be the right choice for you.

With the current economic success, Canada is a very attractive option for those who are considering becoming expats. 

With such tremendous opportunities, the expat market here is very lucrative. 

Most of the expats that reside in Canada have found work via insurance, catering, industrial industries, and other office positions. 

If you’re one of the many expats that are considering relocating to Canada, here are 5 tips to know before you move. 


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reasons to live or study abroad

#1 – Broaden Your Horizons

As you travel, learn and adjust to different cultures, you will start understanding how foreign cultures operate successfully in their own context. 

You will get to know that each different culture has its own way of dealing with relationships, family and work. You will get to understand that the different approaches used by different cultures can be right.

This is especially true when it comes to money and business. Money management and financial standards are different everywhere. For example, legal traditions and market cultures are different in every country and this affects the procedures you have to follow.

In the same way, living or studying overseas will let you expand your palate and try new foods, make new friends, and expose yourself to things you never would have experienced otherwise.

Ready to take the plunge already? Find out why to hire an Immigration Consultant here!

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If you are willing to immigrate to Canada, the first thing you should take into consideration is the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). It is an essential thing if you want to settle in any particular province. Although different Canadian territory and province have its own PNP requirement and you need to have a brief idea on it to assure whether you are eligible for this or now and how to apply for the same. Today, we will discuss the right time for applying PNP and how you can know your eligibility for this. Read more

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As per the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, common-law pertains to two partners – of the same or the opposite sex – living together for a period of one year or more and having a conjugal relationship with one another. As per the Canadian Immigration laws, one common-law partner can sponsor the immigration of another partner. The said couple can have smaller periods of separation for being considered eligible under this rule but the periods of separation cannot be for extended periods. As per the Immigration system, the applicants need to prove – Read more