A Definitive Guide to Canadian Immigration

Do you dream of working and living in Canada? Canada is the second largest country in the world and boasts intense diversity throughout. Given its rapid rate of development in the past few decades, Canada has increasingly become one of the major dream-destinations for a huge population, across the world. You can come across the pleasant coast climate along with mountains close to Vancouver, while Toronto boasts the bustling central business center in the country. Whether you are looking forward to pursuing higher education or working on a long- term basis in the country, Canada has something in store for everyone out there. This post is basically a guide to Canadian immigration to make your dream of working & living in Canada come true.

When you wish to be in Canada, there are two major pathways –getting through the Canada visa and through the temporary work visa. Let us help you unfold the ways in which you can get into Canada and start living in this beautiful country.

How can you become a Permanent Resident in Canada?

Once you have been issued the Canada visa for your permanent residency, you tend to obtain the same rights as well as obligations as that of a Canadian citizen. As the name of the designation implies, you can hold the status for an indefinite period of time, for so long as you are able to accumulate around two years of residency days across each five years. Once you have completed three years of residency in Canada, you might as well as apply for citizenship in the country. Canada is known to recognize as many as dual citizenship. Therefore, you are also not required to give up the current passport while holding Canadian citizenship.

However, there are potential points of differences between being a citizen in Canada and holding a permanent residency in the country. Firstly, as a permanent resident in Canada, you cannot vote for the elections. Secondly, while citizenship is a national right that cannot be taken away, you might be deported as a permanent resident in case you commit a serious crime.

Under the category of Canadian immigration, there are six main categories, including:

  • Federal skilled worker
  • Business Immigrant
  • Quebec skilled worker
  • Family sponsorship
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Canadian Express Class

Each category of Canadian Immigration is known to cater to an individual group of immigrants. Moreover, each category has its own set of specific requirements. You might as well consider getting to Canada under the Asylum Category or the Temporary Foreigner Worker Program.

Federal Skilled Worker

To work as a skilled worker, the requirements are expected to assess the applicants who might become economically stable in the country after arrival. The eligibility criteria for the same is as follow:

  1. The applicant must possess at least one-year equivalent or full-time work experience during the past decade in any one of the accepted 38 qualifying occupations
  2. Or, the applicants should have been residing in the country with Temporary Foreign worker as the status or the status of an international student for at least a year
  3. Or, the applicant should qualify for some form of Arranged Employment along with a job offer of full-time permanent employment from an employer based in Canada

Quebec Skilled Worker

As per the agreement between the Government of Canada and the Province of Quebec, the province holds its rights for selecting the skilled workers in case of Canadian immigration. If you wish to work & live in Quebec in Canada, your assessment will be carried out on the basis of the selection criteria by the Province of Quebec. Just like the assessment of the Federal Skilled Workers, the Quebec Skilled Worker’s assessments also follows the system of the points for assessing the overall qualification of the skilled immigrants. Towards qualifying for the Quebec Selection Certification, the applicants are expected to score at least 60 points while a candidate with a spouse is required to score at least 68 points.

Provincial Nomination Program

Another way of speeding up the immigration process for Canada is through the PNP –the Provincial Nomination Program. It comprises the partnerships that exist between the Government of Canada and other provincial governments in the country for selecting individuals who dream of immigrating to Canada and settling down in a particular province. Under the specific terms of the respective agreements, the provinces are allowed to nominate the applicants who are employed on high demand, or who might be making significant contributions to the given province.

Family Class Sponsorship

Under the given program, the permanent residents or citizens of Canada of at least 18 years of age are allowed to sponsor close members of the family who would like to go for Canadian immigration. For sponsoring, the PR or the Canadian citizen is expected to sign a contract that promises to support the family member who is willing to immigrate for around 3-10 years right after the arrival.

Business Immigration

The program has been designed for individuals who wish to contribute to the overall economic development of Canada through their managerial skills or investments. Individuals applying under the given category tend to have ample financial resources that will help in strengthening the Canadian economy while creating more jobs in the country.

Depending on your condition, you can apply for Canadian immigration to ensure yourself a stable life.