Australia Business Migration

These are two stages visas.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa or simply call Subclass 188.

There are altogether four streams in this Australia business migration visa:

  • Business innovation stream
  • Investor Stream. For this stream, you need to invest A$1.5 million into an Australia state or territory.
  • Significant Investor Stream. You need to invest A$5 million into Australia
  • Premium Investor Stream. You need to invest A$15 million into Australia

If you are applying as Significant Investor Stream or Premium Investor Stream, you don’t need to have scored at least 65 points.

Only Business innovation stream and Investor Stream need to get at least 65 points that make up of;

i) Age

ii) English language ability

iii) Qualification

iv) Business experience

v) Net worth

vi) Business turnover

vii) Innovation

The minimum criteria for Eligibility of the Australia Business Migration Visa;

i) Age below 54 years old

ii) Qualification with a trade certificate

iii) Net Worth is A$800,000

iv) Business turnover $500,000 two years out of four.

Only for Business innovation stream

Once you obtain this visa, you need to manage a business in Australia for two years, with a annual turnover of $300,000 in the last 12 months.

Need to show that you have two of the following:

  1. Net business assets of $200,000
  2. Personal and business net asset of $600,000.
  3. Employed two full time Australia or Permanent resident.

After the 2 years, you can then apply for your permanent resident (subclass 888) visa once you fulfilled the entire requirements.

What our client say

Our client is happy staying in Australia now. Living to her Australia dream.