Family Sponsorship

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada or Australia, you may be able to sponsor your parent, grandparent or spouse/common-law pertner to become a permanent resident.

If you sponsor your parent or grandparent to come to Canada or Australia as a permanent resident, you must make every reasonable effort to provide for your own essential needs and those of your parent or grandparent. You are responsible for supporting your parent or grandparent financially when he or she arrives. As a sponsor, you must make sure your parent or grandparent does not need to seek social assistance from the government.

Few family Sponsorship Visa Scheme:

Spouse/Common law Partner


Eligible spouse or common law partners have the opportunity to work in Canada or Australia.

This will depends on where is the spouse at the time of application. This is simple yet complex visa to apply for. Reason being, there are many correct supporting documents to put in. Providing the wrong documents can cause a different result in the application.


If you want to sponsor your parents or grandparents, you can come and talk to us.

family sponsorship

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