If you are willing to immigrate to Canada, the first thing you should take into consideration is the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). It is an essential thing if you want to settle in any particular province. Although different Canadian territory and province have its own PNP requirement and you need to have a brief idea on it to assure whether you are eligible for this or now and how to apply for the same. Today, we will discuss the right time for applying PNP and how you can know your eligibility for this.

Is It The Right Time for Applying PNP

You have to have a detailed idea on getting the provincial nominee program to qualify the required score for the same. This is because the status of the express entry pool and its trends keep on changing and modified with the express entry, it has become an inevitable factor to apply for a Canadian PNP. You have to apply the PNP and thereby obtain a nomination so as to ensure the greater chances of PR invitation from Immigration Refugees ad Citizenship Canada.

There are Primarily Two Ways to Apply for PNP for Canada. These two are:

Way 1:

You can contact the province territory and then apply for the nomination on the basis of Express Entry Stream. If your concerned province agrees to nominate you, you need to create or update your profile before showing your nomination. You can also apply electronically and you get the notification as well on electronic sources only.

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OR, Way 2:

You need to create an Express Entry Profile before approaching the provinces or territories for the nomination. Once you get the notification of interest from them regarding your approach, you can contact them directly and then apply to their Express Entry Stream. If you get nominated then you can accept it electronically.

Stream to choose for PNP The stream is the process through which you can apply for the nomination. This, of course, depends on your profile and preferences. If you are thinking which stream will be suitable for your application, then you must know about both of them in detail. Here it is:

There is two Streams Available Through Which You Can Apply for PNP. These are, Express Entry Aligned Stream

Express Entry Aligned stream is the system to manage the candidates’ pool for three main Canadian economic categories. These three categories are the skilled worker class, Canadian experience class, and federal skilled trades class. The nominees who apply through this stream are rewarded with an additional 600 points on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. This is why they can move forward for the succeeding process more effective for the application of Permanent Residence (ITA).

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Non-Express Entry Stream

It is although an optional and takes more time than the former one, you can apply through this if you can proceed without any reward on your CRS. The former involves some crucial steps to make the works easier and convenient, whereas the latter doesn’t need any such specific step or process. In fact, there are fewer chances to get the nomination accepted by the concerned province. This stream doesn’t need any profile registration in the federal express entry. Thus, you need to choose the stream by having proper knowledge about its key updates.

How We Serve with PNP

The Canadian government keeps on updating the notifications and other requirements for PR. The requirement for PNP goes with the same. So, one needs to employ a Canadian immigration service provider to achieve their goal to the fullest. With the years of experience in migrating people to Canada and make their dreams true, we keep us always updated on the latest information on the same. We believe in building a long-term trustworthy relationship with all our clients. Hence, they come to our topmost priority. We take all the cares of them and resolve their queries regarding Visa related requirements from our topmost cautious. We keep our clients updated regarding any additional information for their application and also ping them to check their profile on a regular basis.

There are some of the populous provinces for which usually the immigrants look for applying PNPs. These are Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, Nova Scotia Nominee Program, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, and Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. We help the people for all of these. We help them to qualify the required score for PNP, suggest them to proceed for smooth going processes and thereby assist them in easy approval of their applications. Call us now and fulfil your dream to migrate to Canada easily.

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