Which country is better?

Have you ever wished to become permanent resident to Canada or Australia? You will indeed be delighted to learn that with time, migrate to these countries has become an easier process thanks to the introduction of new programs, however there are still some concrete requirements needed to be met. In this article, will tell you about the latest available programs that can make your dream come true!

Canada and Australia are ranked 10th and 13th in the GDP ranking 2016 (IMF World Economic Outlook 2016). There is no doubt most people are migrating to these countries because of the better opportunities available, as both the countries fall into the top thirty for most stable and prosperous countries according to the Times, UK.

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A brief about the Canadian immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: For this program the ideal applicants possess employments skills and experience that helps them land a good job in Canada.
  •  Family sponsorship: This program is targeted to reunite the Canadian citizens and permanent residents with their close relatives however it has a number of limitations.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: This program helps the applicant become a permanent resident through a proven ability of becoming economically established in Canada.
  • Business immigration Program: This program has three sub-categories such as investors, Entrepreneurs and the self-employed where the assessment is point based and major factor is the ability to become economically established and the business skills.

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A brief about the Australian immigration process:

  • The Australian Skills Immigration is the most famous, where it has a number of subclasses through which you can work and live in the country.
  • The Australian Business Visa helps the businessmen expand their activities by a number of options where the factors that matter are the potential to expand and invest for business.
  • The Australian Student Visa helps the students to pursue higher studies in Australia and eventually work after which the students are eligible to apply for the permanent residency.

Be it Canada or Australia, both countries will have their different needs for new migrants.