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Australia has always been a popular destination for migrants – it is sunny, the people are nice and opportunity abounds, making the proliferation of Immigration in Australia no real surprise. Immigration in Australia has always played a large part in the country’s history, and from the current pattern, it is a safe statement to make when saying that it always will.

It is very easy to come to Australia as a tourist, either on a very temporary tourist visa (3 months), or on a slightly-less-temporary-but-still-undeniably-temporary working holiday visa (12 months with an option to extend for a further 12), and it is also possible to come to Australia as a student, with the Australian student visa also being classed as a temporary visa. But how does one actually migrate on a more permanent basis?

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Moving From Temporary To Permanent

Many people first come to Australia on an Australian student visa. On the terms of their Australian student visa, they are not classed as permanent residents, and they are restricted in terms of employment and social benefits. It stands to reason that once they have completed their education, they may not be too comfortable with the idea of leaving Australia.

The period of life in which one works on a university education is a very formative one and it is understandable that they may not want to leave their friends and lifestyle behind.

If they have been studying in a certain trade or industry in which there is a deficit of skilled individuals, they may be able to move from their Australian student visa to a more permanent kind of visa through this avenue – Australia has learned to capitalize on Immigration in Australia by offering what is known as a skilled migration visa.

This visa is specifically designed to offer individuals who are skilled in certain occupations the opportunity to apply their trade in Australia as permanent citizens for a certain amount of time – if Australia does not have enough hairdressers, it is likely that a qualified hairdresser applying for a skilled migration visa would have their application granted.

Once a migrant on a skilled migration visa has lived in Australia for a certain period of time, they may be able to apply for permanent residency – which means they would become an Australian citizen with all of the associated rights and social benefits.

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Getting a job in Australia as a new migrant

Most of us in this world want to get jobs in overseas for what!!! – “better and bigger incomes”, “have great life for our kids”, “to change the way of our standard of living” and other reasons.

What if you have given a tempting jobs and lots of opportunities in Australia? I must say, that Australia is the world’s thirteenth largest economy having high GDP rate and low poverty rate in this world.

So wanna work in Australia? Well fortunately, here comes the great opportunity for those who are willing to work in Australia. There are numerous jobs that have been offered to migrant people whether in professional side or unprofessional side.  From the last three years, the Government expanded its annual quota of skilled migrants by 15,000 to 20,000 over 2008. But some of these jobs may result bogus, so be caution for it.

Australia needs not only the labour workers but also the skilled and qualified professionals along with work experience and enhanced performance in organization. But to know how expert you are, especially in professional fields, your dexterity are analyzed by the Immigration Department. They release a list of new demands , in this field, every year and would also give extra point for you people only in these fields.

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In addition , the government also declared to give a permanent residence to both post graduate or under graduate students but only if they provide some extra points in immigration process. As mentioned before, Australia provides plenty of jobs which are in three different categories: Casual job, Part-Time job and Full-Time job. The casual job is just a contract modality and the majority of these jobs are in Hospitality and Tourism industry such as restaurants, hotels and take away and the average wage is near around $425-$465 which is not less or more for your expenditure. In second job(Part-Time job), you have to work more than 20 hours per week and also there will be a contract for rules and regulations. But the wage is not much good as compare to previous one. Last but not least, you have to give more than 38 hours per week in Full-Time job. If you want to add more hours on it then you can, but you will not be paid for extra hours but you will be happy for salary that they are providing which is near around $600 per week.

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Where can you get accommodation as a new migrant?

With its stunning landscape, beautiful coastline and desirable way of life; Australia is a popular destination for people to migrate to from afar. Migration has long been associated with the nation and is reflected in Australian way of life and its culturally diverse society. Since the Second World War, over six million migrants have settled in Oz from abroad. Being a continent in its own right, Australia is the sixth largest country on Earth, located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Comprising of six states and two territories, read on for advice in regards to which area could be best suited for your lifestyle when moving to Australia.


Often referred to as the Sunshine State, Queensland is an extremely popular destination to settle in due to its stunning weather along the Gold Coast. Being Australia’s second largest state by area, the climate of inland Queensland can incur a monsoonal season in the far north and low temperatures further south. To the north of the state is the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest single structure made by living organisms and is a World Heritage site. The majority of this natural beauty is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, an organisation that helps to limit human impact, from fishing to tourism. Born from the Moreton Bay penal colony, Brisbane is currently the state capital for Queensland and has been affectionately named “Bris Vegas” as a tribute to its nightlife.

New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales is renowned for its beachside communities, made famous by certain television soap. The state is home to over 780 national parks and reserves that range from the bush, outback deserts, rain forests and waterfalls. With eleven universities in the region, New South Wales is a good consideration for further study and education. Being the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the most popular destination for British inhabitants in the whole of Australia with it being the financial and economic epicenter of the nation. New industries like information technology and the financial services sector have replaced the old with many of multinational corporations having their Australasian headquarters based in the Sydney Central Business District. The Australian capital Territory is home to purpose-built Canberra is also the political centre for the country with the federal government based in the city.


Finance, insurance and property services form Victoria’s largest income producing sector, while the community, social and personal services sector is the state’s biggest employer. Despite the shift towards service industries, the troubled manufacturing sector remains Victoria’s single largest employer and income producer. Victoria is seen as the sports capital of Australia. The state is the traditional home of Australia Rules Football with the vast majority of teams that play in the Australian Football League being based in the region. It also stages holds many international sporting events, including the first Grand Slam tennis tournament each season, as well as the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

South Australia

South Australia is home to the city of churches, Adelaide. The city is renowned for its cultural influence on the country. It was recently been listed in the Top 10 of The Economist’s World’s Most Liveable Cities in Australia and recognised nationally as the most liveable city by the Property Council of Australia. The city also hosts many art and music festivals throughout the year and is close to the infamous wine region, Barossa Valley. It is worth noting that despite all the cultural sophistication connected to the region, South Australia’s economy is based on the manufacturing and defence technology industries. Almost half of cars made in Australia are made in the state at the General Motors Holden plant in Elizabeth.

Western Australia

It is worth noting Western Australia for its wine region and mining community, the main settlement for people from overseas is the city of Perth. The state is known for being home to approximately 540 species of birds and a significantly large number of plant species. Also known as the ‘City of Light’, Perth is known for being the starting point for many of the Australia’s brightest and internationally recognised celebrities; including Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger and British-based comedian Tim Minchin. Western Australia is steeped in colonial history, hence why the region has an extremely high proportion of British-born residents.

If you are looking for an alternative slice of Australian life away from the normal hotspots to settle, why not consider emigrating to the red deserts of the Northern Territory or the wilderness of Tasmania? So whether you prefer the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, the desirable lifestyle found in New South Wales or sports-mad Victoria; it is vital that you get as much advice on moving to the country as possible.

Short holiday trips you should enjoy in Australia!

Island and Reef Opportunities? Charters – You will find Day – and even Overnight Charters to serve you the best of what you can expect on your holiday. Options between Charters to various pristine Reef Destinations, is almost limitless. If you thought a dive in Daytime is good, you haven’t try a Night dive yet! To sleep over at sea, is just as good. It is a wonderful experience, bringing some new peace in your heart and soul. Diving and Snorkeling would be the main activities on most of the charters, but do not feel left out if that is not what you are into, because just the experience of being out at sea and the alternative activities alone, will guarantee to colour up your day!

If you would love to spend your day on an Island, there is a few to pick from. Although there are many islands around, Green Island, Fitzroy-Island and The Frankland Islands would be the most visited Islands from Cairns. From Port Douglas you can visit the Low Islands. There is a few other, of which some is more Private, like Double Island off Palm Cove. Most of the larger Islands mentioned, will offer you a variety of activities, like Swimming, Snorkelling, Diving, Hiking, Glass-bottom Boat and Semi-submersible Tours. There are also activities such as the Helmet Dive, Sea-trampoline, Kayaking, Nautical Museum, Para-gliding or even Camping and Fishing at some. The best way would be to browse through my Activity listings to see which each has to offer.

Other Adventure Activities? Bungy-jumping – AJ Hackett is the inventor of Bungy-jumping and Cairns was obviously one of the first choices in Australia to build a structure to introduce other adrenalin- junky minded people to the “Rush”. They have recently just celebrated 20 years of safe jumping in Cairns! Hot Air Ballooning – Go for a Breathtaking Champagne Breakfast over the Tablelands, just west of Cairns. Watch the Sunrise over the Rainforests in the east, while looking down over the farmlands right under you, as they drift by. White Water River Rafting – Take your pick! From Half-day to Full-day packages, from Moderate to Daring! Take the Barron River or take on the mighty Tully River which will deliver you an Extreme Experience. Sky-diving – So many options to choose from. Different heights, different locations, with different views! From qualified Sky-diving, to Tandem Sky-diving. Para-gliding – Have fun being towed behind a powerful speedboat, while hanging from a parachute. Microlights – Get Introductory Microlight Flight lessons from Port Douglas.

Enjoy the spectacular views as you glide over the beaches and river systems, while still doing valid flying hours at the same time. Kayaking – There is a couple of places to practice your rowing skills and to enjoy the freedom of the ocean. Jet-ski – Heaps of fun is the word! ATV- Riding – That is the description for “All Terrain Vehicles”, or 4-wheeler Dirt Bikes. Just up the Tablelands, you will have the option to test your off-road driving skills on some off-road tracks. Horse riding – If you love horses and the tropics, where better to “wind down” on horseback. There is various places to choose from. Take a winding road down the forest, or play in the waves on the beach. Four Wheel Drive, Off-road Driving – Test your skills on the various off road tracks, from the local area, the famous Bloomfield track from Cape Tribulation up to Cooktown, or even as far as up to Cape York. Jungle Swinging – You have two options to choose from. The one is at AJ Hackett’s place where the Bungy-jumping is done from and the second at Cape Tribulation. Be thrilled by this high speed swing and at the same time, share and enjoy the moment with a friend, because up to three people can swing at a time. Hiking – You will find a variety of Walking Trails all in and around the city itself, or take some of the bigger challenges on some that may even take you up to a few days. Mountaineering- Pyramid Mountain would be the most famous one to give a go close to Cairns and there is even a race up the mountain once a year.