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Have you been trying to get an Australian visa?

While our borders are currently closed as a result of COVID-19, it’s important to know what to expect once tourist visa applications open again.

Giving your all only for your Australian visa application to be rejected isn’t something you want, so what can you do to tip the scales in your favour?

Recently, things have become tough. A lot has changed. It’s not business as usual anymore with the Australian government (and that was before COVID-19!)

Before granting any visa, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection thoroughly inspects every application. 

Every document is checked to ensure correct information for the specific visa you are applying for. Anything less than what they expect, the application fails. 

That said, let’s review some common reasons for Australian visa refusals to make sure this never happens to you! 

Wrong Visa Application 

This is a common reason, considering Australia has more than 100 types of visas to apply for. 

Patty Leglise of Wayne’s Landscaping has had to help numerous overseas friends with directions on visas. “There’s that many different types of visas out there, it can be daunting and confusing if you don’t know which one is the right visa for you. Living here in Australia makes it a bit easier for them as I can help direct them to which visas are best for their situations.”

Again, all these visas have different and specific requirements you need to meet. It’s therefore advisable to consult a migration expert before submitting any visa application. 

Unsatisfactory Activity on a Previous Visa 

Wondering how this could happen? Overstaying when on a temporary visa could be one of the reasons. 

Again, if you abuse the attached conditions for a certain visa, you are still not safe. Such misconduct could send a message to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that you are deceitful. The result? Refusal to grant you another visa in future. 

Providing Misleading Information During Application 

While applying for a visa, integrity is key. When every document you submit is subject to scrutiny, providing the right information is a must. Ensure to properly check what information is needed for a specific visa. 

Nikole Grbin, an osteopath based in Adelaide, made sure to triple-check her application. “You can never be too careful when it comes to these types of documents. It’s also easier to just include all information that you need to, so that you leave less room for questions.”

When it comes to providing the information, avoid giving false documentation. Your partner’s visa could be used as a reference point. Maybe the documents you submit do not fully support your relationship. Unconvincing evidence on partnerships could translate to a visa refusal. 

Poor Health Conditions 

Australia is very strict on an individual’s health before agreeing to grant any visa. 

Poor health may mean you could become a future problem, either financially or to those responsible for treating you. For individuals less than 75 years of age, potential treatment should not exceed $21,000 for more than 5 years. 

Contrary to this, be sure to miss the visa. Most people denied a visa due to health issues, is as a result of expected exceeding of treatment costs.

Unsatisfactory Behaviour 

Australia (and generally no country) does not tolerate criminals.

To get your visa you must meet the character requirements. A serious ‘character test’ is carried out to confirm ‘good character’. 

Nothing could hinder your potential Australian tourist visa by the Immigration Department quite like evidence of previous criminal activity coming up. 

So, what is the character test all about? 

Evidence of a significant criminal record means you fail the character test. 

Why this way? They consider the possibility of you carrying on with the same behaviour while in Australia. Association with suspected criminal gangs or organisations again could lead to visa refusal. 

Insufficient funds 

Will you meet the living standards in Australia? 

Currently, Australia is listed as the fourth most expensive country in the world. This means you have to show evidence of sufficient funds to maintain your stay in Australia. All these will depend on the type of visa plus its subclass. 

Financial experts Concept BK say that the costs involved is something that an alarming people tend to overlook. “Australia is not a cheap country to live in. Whether it’s property expenses, groceries or even just transportation, it’s easy for costs to spiral out of control if people are not careful. Moving to a new country is a time to save, not to spend. It’s critical that people only spend if it’s absolutely necessary.”

For business and maybe retirement visa you could be required to prove possession of financial assets and investments amounting to a certain value. Failing to prove financial capability, you may be risking a visa rejection. 

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