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5 Good Reasons to Study in Canada

In 2019, Canada had 642,000 international students, and they welcomed another 67,000 between January and April 2020. But what are the reasons behind these staggering numbers? Whatever avenue you’re planning to pursue, it’s essential to invest in your education. Many of those who want to explore new horizons and gain more experiences decide to study […]


What Makes Canada the Best Country to Live In?

Did you know that Canada ranked #1 in the 2020 Quality of Life Rankings? It’s no surprise that 284 387 people migrated to this country between July 2019 and June 2020 only! “Canada appeals to tourists and immigrants for being safe and politically stable. Its public health system is also well-developed and applauded across the […]

5 Crucial Benefits Of Having Life Insurance

Are you prepared for the future? Life insurance policies go beyond just protecting family members from your earning ability.  Most people buy life insurance policies to protect their family in case of an unexpected tragedy. If there’s no one to earn money then life can quickly become a challenge. Life insurance policies are one of […]

How To Stay Healthy (And Avoid Infections) When Flying

Are you concerned with the latest news regarding the Corona Virus and travel? Do you always catch flu or cold when you fly or travel?   According to research, a good number of people will contract cold or flu from merely sharing an aeroplane cabin. That means the risk of being exposed to the Corona Virus […]

10 Steps To Nail Your Student Visa Application

Are you interested in studying in Australia?  Whether you’ve found your dream course or you’re just looking to try something new, the next step is the application of your student visa. While this may sound simple, there are a few things to consider when applying for a student visa. For instance, you need to choose […]

5 Things To Know When Moving To Canada

Are you looking to relocate from Australia? Canada might be the right choice for you. With the current economic success, Canada is a very attractive option for those who are considering becoming expats.  With such tremendous opportunities, the expat market here is very lucrative.  Most of the expats that reside in Canada have found work […]

10 Reasons To Live or Study Abroad

#1 – Broaden Your Horizons As you travel, learn and adjust to different cultures, you will start understanding how foreign cultures operate successfully in their own context.  You will get to know that each different culture has its own way of dealing with relationships, family and work. You will get to understand that the different […]