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In 2019, the management of immigration system of Canada was revolutionized with Express Entry System in place. As always, it takes time to adopt new practices. It has been found that with this new system in place, it has become easier and faster to process loads of incoming applications coming in. Many people are unaware of this latest system and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the Express Entry Program. Here, we have tried to handle some of the biggest myths that shadows this program launched in 2019.

Myth 1

Any person can make a foray into the Express Entry Pool

Fact 1

Only those who are eligible for Canadian immigration through a federal economic immigration program can enter the Express Entry Pool. Many people think that anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada can enter the Express Entry Pool irrespective of his age and skill level. In reality only those candidates who enjoy eligibility to current federal economic immigration programs can enter the pool. These programs are-

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • The Canadian Experience Class

Myth 2

To qualify for entry into Express Entry Program, it is essential to have a job offer.

Fact 2

There is no absolute necessity of a job offer but it surely helps bringing an improvement in chances.

It is true that many employers in Canada are allowed to have a greater direct impact through Express Entry but there is no need for a job offer for immigrating to Canada as per the new system. If a person is Express Entry Pool candidate, he is given points and is ranked as per CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System. Up to 1,200 points can be awarded in this system, out of which 600 points allocation is done if the candidate has been given a provincial nomination certificate or a qualifying job offer.

Myth 3

The occupation list of eligibility is still applicable under the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Fact 3

Post January 1, no eligibility occupation list is in existence.

Potential candidates are confused about the older eligible occupation list for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and whether it is still in consideration or has been updated. Now the fact is there is no such list existing after January 1st.

Myth 4

The only way to become an economic immigrant in Canada is through Express Entry.

Fact 4

Though Express Entry covers majority of economic immigration programs, provinces are still managing to pick immigrants beyond Express Entry System under a specific allocation. The territories and provinces in Canada have an edge in the immigration system with their ability to select a specific number of immigrants on the basis of labor market needs in the area.

Myth 5

When a candidate is invited to apply under Express Entry program for permanent residence, he has ample time to collect information and submit application within two months.

Fact 5

If the candidate waits for the invitation to apply, it may prove to be difficult gathering relevant documents within 60 days deadline. It is not an easy job to collect necessary documents for application completion as per satisfaction of CIC standards.

It requires collection of numerous personal documents, employment references, education/qualifications credentials, letters and other forms that has to be filled accurately and perfectly.

Myth 6

There is no need to crack language tests to gain entry into the Express Entry Pool.

Fact 6

The candidates are expected to pass a standardized French or English test as recognized by the Government of Canada before they gain entry into Express Entry Pool.

The candidate must meet eligibility requirements that have been set up for the selected federal economic immigration program which includes language proficiency. It is recommended to take a language testto enter into the Express Entry Pool.

Myth 7

Candidates will be able to check Comprehensive Ranking System and see how many points or ranking they have under the system and this will give them an idea about how many points required to get an invitation issued to them.

Fact 7

Though candidates can check out points total in Comprehensive Ranking System and know how many points they require for the recent draw, they cannot check their ranking. Moreover, the candidates can also not be able to see how many points needed to make the next draw from the pool.

It is important to note that CRS is majorly for the benefit of CIC and is considered as an accurate method of ranking eligible candidates. There is no intention to release the information about how many points are needs to make it in the upcoming draws but at the same time eligible candidates can see the points that are required for draws that have been over and done with.

Myth 8

Express Entry can be used to give wrong information to aspiring immigrants to Canada.

Fact 8

If the candidate misinterprets in the application, he may get caught and may have to face stern penalties.

Even when you badly want to migrate to Canada, it is recommended not to lie on the application. Many people resort to this because they are trying to get some extra human capital credentials before they get an invite to apply or they are into wishful thinking that they won’t be caught. Either way, it is a great risk to your future immigration to Canada chances.

Myth 9

Once Express Entry profile is created, it is not possible to update again even if points are improved.

Fact 9

A candidate can update his profile anytime while he is in Express Entry Pool.

Myth 10

The process of immigration becomes easier with Express Entry.

The Government of Canada is very strict while reviewing applications and it is important to provide relevant supporting documents that clearly meet standards put up by CIC.

If you are looking forward to get an application invite for permanent residence in Canada, you will be selected from a pool of applicants with high qualifications. Thus, highlight the positives of your application and increase your chances.

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