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What is a STEM Graduate?

STEM is the short form for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. If you are a STEM graduate, then it is just the appropriate time for you to start with your immigration process to Australia or to Canada

Compared to their smarter and more developed cousins USA and UK, Australia and Canada have better and more flexible immigration rules and hence both the countries are two of the most preferred migration destinations for hundreds and thousands of foreign STEM graduates.

Why is Canada Good for Immigration for STEM Students?

In 2018 Canada was ranked as the fourth most favored destination for immigrants. The study was conducted by Gallup. The study revealed that the country scored 8.14 on a maximum of 9 based on a Migrant Acceptance Index. The Index was created based on the acceptance levels of immigrants by natives or in other words the friendliness of the local population. USA was ranked ninth in comparison.

  • Canadian immigration policies are friendlier, and the present government is enthusiastic about welcoming immigrants into the country. 
  • The immigration system in the country is a merit-based system. 
  • Foreigners constitute 21.9% of the population in Canada, as per the latest counts.
  • The most popular immigration destinations in the country are – Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.
  • Canada ranks top on being one of the most peaceful nations on the planet.
  • Canada ranked second in a Best Countries survey conducted by US News and World Report.
  • Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver feature high on the world’s most habitable cities.

Canada as an Immigration Destination for STEM Students 

  • There is an ever-growing demand for IT professionals in the country; hence trained STEM graduates have better chances of being recruited here to meet the skill shortage being faced by different sectors and parts of the country.
  • As per Statistics Canada 2016 census, STEM graduates with or without working experience or even with a STEM-related degree have better chances of being granted permanent residency in the country. It also noted that a STEM graduate was earning way more annually than any other graduates and even within the STEM domain, graduates in the field of engineering, Information Technology and Engineering have better chances of find a handsomely paid job in Canada than the other STEM-related fields. STEM graduates with an engineering degree were earning the highest in Canada.
  • Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Alberta and Labrador pay better to foreign STEM graduates than the other regions.
  • Many provinces in Canada have the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) so that they can provide excellent job opportunities and working conditions to foreign STEM graduates. Under this program, provinces can propose names of candidates for invitation for immigration to the said province. Most provinces in Canada have their PNP’s aligned with the EE also known as enhanced nominations based on which the nominated candidate is awarded an additional 600 CRS points. Manitobe and British Columbia are also two other Canadian provinces that has opened its doors for foreign STEM graduates.
  • Under the Express Entry system that is the best way to enter Canada for foreign immigrants, software developers are one of the most invited to apply for PR.

Why is Australia Good for Immigration for STEM Students?

In a best countries survey Australia was ranked fourth, a survey that considered features like job market conditions, income parity, livability and economic stability and had 21000 participants the world over. Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne are viewed as three top livable cities in the country.  

  • One of the reasons why Australia is a preferred destination by immigrants is the superior quality of life here. The other viable reasons for shifting to Australia are – top quality healthcare and educational system; healthy and low levels of pollution; pleasant climate all the year through; people from diversified field reside here in complete harmony and peace; perfect place for work-life balance; English is the most frequently spoken language; and utility services are easily available and accessible in the country.
  • The World Happiness Report 2018 suggests that foreigners who have made Australia their permanent residence are amongst the happiest in the world. Australia ranked 6 on this survey conducted by Gallup.
  • The net annual immigration is 1, 90,000 in Australia where immigrants constitute about 28% of the population.
  • Immigration to Australia is a point-based system. The government has recently introduced updations in its immigration policies that will come into effect from 16th November this year. The update point system features: –
  1. In case of a skilled spouse or de facto partner, 10 points are assigned.
  2. 15 points are assigned to the candidate if he is applying for immigration on nomination by a State government or a Territory government or paid for by a resident of regional Australia who is also his family member or relative.
  3. 10 points are assigned to the candidate if he is a STEM graduate or has relevant qualifications.
  4. 10 points are assigned to candidates who are not legally married or do not have a de facto partner.
  5. 5 points are given to the candidate if his spouse or de facto partner is competent and proficient in the English language.

Australia as an Immigration Destination for STEM Students 

  • A survey conducted by Deloitte Access Economics for the Office of the Chief Scientist reports that STEM graduates are in high demand in Australian jobs.
  • About 82% of the respondents of this employer survey said that they require STEM qualified graduates in their workplace especially pertaining to areas like critical learning, complex and creative problem-solving.
  • The fact that the government is also encouraging foreign STEM graduates to immigrate here is visible through its recently amended immigration policies where 10 extra points are given to candidates who belong to the STEM field.
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