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Did you know that Canada ranked #1 in the 2020 Quality of Life Rankings?

It’s no surprise that 284 387 people migrated to this country between July 2019 and June 2020 only!

“Canada appeals to tourists and immigrants for being safe and politically stable. Its public health system is also well-developed and applauded across the globe. Not to mention the spectacular natural views and diverse culture.”, says Audrey Bergen, a financial consultant for Rapidbiz.

Let’s get to know Canada a little more and discover why this country is the best place to live.

1. Universal Healthcare System

The healthcare system of Canada is one of the most accessible on the planet. Most medical treatments are for free and are government-funded. Each province receives a health budget which they use for local needs. Health cards are issued to eligible residents for them to access a wide range of healthcare services. It is important to note that your healthcare benefits primarily depend on your status in the country.

2. Excellent Literacy Rate

Education is precious in Canada, and the government has ensured that all citizens have access to quality education—no matter their background. Compared to many other countries in the world, Canada allocates more capita on education. As a result, it has created a well-informed and well-paid society that also offers good job opportunities for skilled expats.

3. Economic Stability

The Great White North is one of the strongest economies in the world. Its banking system is considered the solid-rock foundation of the economy. In fact, the World Economic Forum has awarded it for seven consecutive years. This remarkable financial stability creates a wide variety of career options for its citizens.

Canada is also prosperous in other industries, such as agriculture, energy, technology, and manufacturing. Finding a job can be tricky for expats; it’s encouraged to approach a licensed immigration consultant to determine the best career path for you.

4. Amazing Natural Wealth

Canada is home to postcard-perfect lakes and mountain views, which is undoubtedly beneficial to your well-being. But more than that, the country’s strong economy is built on its natural wealth. Its oil and gas industry and mining sector are significant contributors to the annual GDP.

The expansive plains are ideal for farming barley, corn, oats, rye, and wheat. The climate is also suitable for maple species, making it possible for the country to produce around 80% of the world’s maple syrup. Check out the top 10 natural destinations in Canada.

5. Diverse Culture

Multiculturalism is often considered one of Canada’s most significant accomplishments and distinguishing quality of the Canadian identity.

The country is a collection of ethnic subcultures, creating a vibrant atmosphere. Acceptance and respect are somehow part of the psyche of everyone living there. As a result, it’s easy for immigrants to settle smoothly.

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