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As you set out on a new chapter in Canada, it’s crucial to know that some things may be different from what you’re accustomed to.

We interviewed experienced immigration consultants in Canada about setting the right path in this country. They gave these tips to minimise confusion and unrealistic expectations:

1. Use Government Programs for Newcomers

The Canadian Government has some programs dedicated to helping immigrants settle fast and easy in the country. A lot of paperwork is involved in these programs, but they’re all worth it. 

Permanent residents and protected individuals may get free language classes. You could also qualify for a federal loan offered to immigrants who wants to start a business in the country. At the same time, the Federal Internship Program assists newcomers in getting a work experience. Check your possible benefits here.

2. Get Your Social Insurance Number (SIN)

To enjoy government benefits and become eligible to work in Canada, you need a Social Insurance Number (SIN). This is similar to the national identification number in other countries, which also means that it is unique and should be kept confidential。

 3. Get to Know Your City

“Familiarise yourself with your chosen city as fast as possible. This information will help you make wise decisions in various aspects of your Canadian life. Study the city map and try to locate the important places, such as grocery stores, bus stops, hospitals, police stations, schools, and churches.”, says Alister Clare, a Credit Capital investment consultant.

Research thoroughly about the industries in your city, its attractions, and even its “less charming” parts. Try to find out which places are likely to have jobs opportunities for you.

4. Set up Your Healthcare

diversity in australia

Canada’s healthcare is the object of envy of many. It’s because the Government pays for everyone’s basic health insurance, which will be delivered by a private provider.

Immigrants can avail the universal healthcare program, although there’s a waiting period of 90 days. It is strongly advised to apply for health insurance immediately so that you already have a safety net in your new country.

Check if your current health insurance has international coverage as well.

5. Build Your Own Network

Building a network is essential, particularly for immigrants. While Canada is a peaceful and prosperous country, it’s better to have people you can rely on in case of any unforeseen event.

So, try to attend gatherings and events. Talk to your neighbours and colleagues at work. Thankfully, there are immigrant communities in various part of Canada. Inquire about this with the local council or your immigration consultant.

Moving into a new country can be an exciting experience. You’ll meet new friends, see new places, and experience new cultures. Make your move to Canada smooth and enjoyable by partnering with 101migration!

We offer immigration and consultation services to people who wish to move to Canada. Our team is deeply familiar with all the processes and laws involved in migration. Call us now to simplify the process.

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